Thursday, March 13, 2008

Winchester's Easter Basket Job

You know what? You would make a great chocolate rabbit for somebody's Easter basket.

A chocolate rabbit? Don't you mean a chocolate cat?

Nobody has chocolate cats in their Easter baskets. They have marshmallow Peeps and cream-filled eggs and chocolate bunnies. You have the right stature to be a chocolate rabbit.

Really? You really think so? What do I have to do?

Stand up tall. And sit really still.

Okay, standing up tall, sitting really still. Now what?

Look straight ahead and don't blink.

Like this?


Oh, boy! I'm going to be a chocolate rabbit in an Easter basket!

Did I mention that the rabbit's ears always get eaten first?


Leah said...

That's the biggest chocolate bunny I've ever seen! Ellsworth, I wish you could've induced him to wear a pair of rabbit ears...:-)

ellsworth said...

Ahh . . . stay tuned . . .