Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Winchester Cottontail

You did good yesterday. Maybe a little surly as a Peep, but you'll love today's job.

I'm all a'quiver.

The main ingredient of an Easter basket is the bunny. The Writer loves stuffed animals and as a kid looked forward to getting a new Easter bunny every year. Have you noticed how many rabbits are around the house?

I haven't had a chair to myself since I came to this place . . . wait, I'm not going to be--

"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail . . ."

If I had a real egg, somebody would be wearing it on her face.


TamraW said...

Easter Baskets are the best! Full of fun little trinkets, chocolate, books, chocolate, music, chocolate . . .

A black wrapped easter basket?? Oh! The horror!!!

stacer said...

I used to have a bunny collection myself, but the only one left is the one that became Mogget's toy when he was a kitten. I have been following The Writer's evil example, though--I found an elephant and a tiger in the cat section of Target the other day, and I'm planning a photo shoot of my own very soon... :)

ellsworth said...

The Writer likes Easter better than Christmas, even though it's the last big candy holiday (starting with Halloween). And yes, Target sells a basket wrapped in black tulle. It *is* a horror.

ellsworth said...

I suspect Mogget will be leaving nasty comments on my blog. But Winchester will be glad he isn't the only humiliated cat out there. Can't wait for Mogget's pix!