Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Winchester and the Time Change

Ellsworth, what's going on? Yesterday The Writer didn't get up until eight o'clock. And she forgot--forgot!--to feed me last night until I tripped her.

It's the time change. The clocks were set ahead an hour. The Writer hates the time change more than anything. She calls it government brutality.

That explains why she got up this morning looking like death on a cracker. At least she fed me breakfast. Sort of.

Why all the clocks? And is that The Writer's "Once Upon a Time" watch you're wearing?

I'm not taking any chances. I want The Writer to know exactly what time it is!


Becky said...

The time change isn't fun for anybody, Winchester!

ellsworth said...

Nobody in this house adjusts to the time change for six months! We all wish it would stay the same!