Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shutterbug Winchester

I'm taking up photography. I'm going to be a famous photographer like Francesco Catvulo.

Who? You made that person up. And you can't take pictures.

Why not? I'll take better pictures than The Writer. She doesn't know where the zoom or flash buttons are on her camera. And she's always cutting my tail off in photographs.

These cameras are old. You can't even get film and flash bulbs for them any more.

Never mind. Hold that pose. Hold it, hold it, hold it, big smile [click]. Got it! That's the cover!


stacer said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! We are definitely kindred spirits, if there ever were any. You have my cameras!

Look closely at the mantel in this picture. You'll see the old little plastic toy camera (like yours on the left) that my dad and his siblings used to play with, and then a couple cameras like the one on your picture's right. The one I'm thinking of is the one at the end, which my grandpa took with him in WWII to the Philippines.

That's so cool!

By the way, LOVE the new look of the blog! It's gorgeous!

ellsworth said...

The little camera in the photo is a Baby Brownie Special. The case is Bakelite. The Writer bought it for way too much money, considering the viewfinder is missing. Her sister gave her the Hawkeye, one like their mother had. The Writer remembers how the flashbulbs sizzled and left her blind for days. The big camera belongs to The Writer's husband. He bought it in the mid-50s.