Sunday, March 2, 2008

Read Across America Day!

Okay, Winchester. Today is Read Across America Day in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, which was yesterday.

Oh, boy! Are we gonna have kibble birthday cake?

Something better.

Nothing is better than kibble birthday cake, especially if it's iced with salmon pate.

Now here's what we're going to do. You read me a story, then I'll read you a story. That's what people do on Read Across America Day--read to each other.

How about if you read me a story and then read me another story?

But that's not how it works! When do I get my story?

Read me The Cat in the Hat Comes Back three times, please? Pleeeeeeeez? Pretty please with sardines on top?


Becky said...

I'm planning on reading some Seuss this week. I even felt 'inspired' to semi-write a poem.

ellsworth said...

That poem is way cool, Becky! You've inspired The Writer to try that with some of her favorite writer's books, like Margaret Wise Brown. And The Writer says you did not "semi-write" anything. You *wrote.*