Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Time Spies Book!

Guess what today is?

My birthday?

Your birthday is months away. No, it's the publication day of Gold in the Hills: A Tale of the Klondike Gold Rush. The newest book in the Time Spies series!

What's it about?

Mattie, Alex, Sophie--and yours truly--travel back to the year 1897 to the Yukon Territory, which is in Canada. They meet a boy named Klondike Mike and his sled dog, Mountie. Mike and his father are working a claim on Henderson Creek with other men. They hope to strike it rich. The Chapman kids also meet Jack London, who became a famous writer. One of the books he wrote is The Call of the Wild.

Speaking of which, I hear my breakfast bowl calling.

Go eat. We'll be blogging about the new Time Spies book all week. I have lots to tell you about my latest adventure!

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