Thursday, March 27, 2008

April Carnival of Children's Literature

Guess what? We're hosting the Carnival of Children's Literature for April! The Writer is very excited, even though she hasn't a clue how to do it.

Did she pick a theme?

Yes. She hopes everybody will enjoy this one. You see, when The Writer was a kid, she was forever starting clubs, usually detective clubs or clubs named after her stories (her favorite one was "The Halloween Night" club). But she didn't have many friends--okay, one. So she always elected herself president. The one friend had to be vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Sometimes they would have a falling-out and the friend would abdicate. The Writer would be in a club of one.

After reading about children's book organizations, like the Betsy-Tacy Society, The Writer thought about creating her own society for her favorite books. Fans of the Betsy-Tacy books have their own organization and magazine, plus fun events in Tacy’s house such as Tacy’s Birthday Party, Trunk Talk with Maud Hart Lovelace, and Victorian Lawn Party.

Devotees of Laura Ingalls Wilder can spend their lives making pilgrimages to the author’s home and museum in Mansfield, Missouri, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Society in De Smet, South Dakota, Laura’s birthplace in Pepin, Wisconsin, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and another Ingalls home in Burr Oak, Iowa.

The Nancy Drew Sleuths have all things Nancy, including dolls and DVDs, and attend an annual trek to a Nancy site, like this year’s Amish country convention where they will eat too much and hold a “Witch” Tree scavenger hunt. Not to be outdone, Trixie Belden Bob-Whites held a Trixie Camp at Niagara Falls, the site of “The Mystery of the Emerald Necklace.”

So The Writer is inviting children's book bloggers to create their own society for their favorite children's book series or author or character. Make up your own fan club! Plan expeditions to author sites, conventions, newsletter, club activities, menus for dinners, secret handshake. Best of all, you are President for Life and you get to wear a big shiny medal on a red ribbon.

If by chance you are already a member in good standing of the Betsy-Tacy Society or are regular gadfly at the Laura Ingalls Wilder clubs, feel free to submit your favorite post from March 25 to April 25.

Submission deadline: April 25
Blog Carnival: April 30

I think there should be a Winchester The Greatest Cat in the World Society--

Employees of Ellsworth's Journal are not permitted to enter.


Tarie said...

This sounds so exciting. =D I hope I'll be able to contribute this time! I've never participated in a carnival for children's literature. =(

ellsworth said...

Tarie, just think of some fun organization you've always wanted to belong to, but couldn't because it didn't exist. Then create it! Doesn't have to be fancy or clever. Or submit your favorite post from March 25 to April 25.