Monday, February 18, 2008

Writing Monday: The Dinner Party

Look what I found. The Writer made this last year. Isn't it cool?

What is it?

It's an art piece called "The Dinner Party." When The Writer was working on her thesis, she was looking through her favorite children's books and thought, "Wouldn't it be wonderful to have dinner with my favorite children's book creators and their characters?" Some magazines (and bloggers) ask interviewees who they'd like to have over for dinner. People answer Ghandi, JFK, Yogi Berra, etc.

The Writer found this basswood keepsake box in a craft store and knew she could make her dinner party a "reality." She painted the box and decorated it. Then she made a guest list, a menu that would suit the guests (middlin's for Wilbur, Shoe-fly Pie for Charlotte). She chose the Eric Carle Picture Book museum as the venue and picked the date she would graduate from Hollins University.

She designed an invitation, a place card, a booklet with a seating chart and the table decorations. She made up a little journal, supposedly written after the party, and wrote things like, "The Grimm brothers demanded ale, mead, and port with every course." She never had so much fun working on a project, just simple craft supplies and her imagination running amok.

When she was finished, she showed the project to her husband. He looked worried and said, "Do we have to rent that entire museum in Massachusetts for this party?" The Writer said, "Look at this guest list! The Grimm Brothers! Wilbur the pig! Do you think this is a real party?"

Okay, this proves it--The Writer has truly slipped over the edge.

Why, because she lets her imagination out to play once in a while? It's good for her work.

No, because she didn't invite me to the dinner party.

The Writer encourages writers to cross over into art, especially if you write children's books. If anyone wants to make their own dinner party, here is what you need:

Inexpensive keepsake box
Acrylic paint
Patterned scrapbook papers
Embellishments: ribbons, stickers, alphabet stickers

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