Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Writer's New License Plates

The Writer got new license plates for her car. Aren't they nifty? Her old plate had a horse on it because she used to ride. She traded that in for a plate with her alma mater, Hollins University, on it. Can you figure out what the plate says?

Duh, Time Spies? The Writer hardly ever gets a new car. She just buys new plates and cleans out her old Honda.

The Writer doesn't like new cars, believe it or not. She's comfortable with her old one. She's like that about a lot of things--she doesn't like change.

Maybe so, but I wish she'd figure out that camera she's had for a whole year. Look at us--we look like we're in a closet with those alien license plates. When is she going to find the flash button?


TamraW said...

Very clever plates! I love them!

ellsworth said...

The Writer had had KD WRTR plates for years. She was ready for a change.