Friday, February 22, 2008

Winchester Receives a Valentine

What's this? It's a Valentine addressed to me! It's beautiful! Somebody loves me after all!!

Is it from Zelda? Did Zelda decide to profess her love for me?

There's no signature. Wait. I see a tiny little "z" on the back. It is from Zelda!!

If I turn the Valentine this way, the tiny little "z" becomes a tiny little "e." Hmmm.

The Valentine isn't from Zelda, but from somebody who will never leave me. That kind of friendship is better than so-called true love any day.


TamraW said...

Oh! Thank goodness! I was beginning to get worried about you Winchester.

Ben and I are reading The Giant In The Garden. He's loving it!

ellsworth said...

Winchester loves The Giant in the Garden, too, because he stars in it! In the other Time Spies books all he does is sleep in a chair. Tell Ben Winchester and I said hi!