Thursday, February 28, 2008

What The Writer Is Up To

Look at what The Writer is making! Isn't it pretty?

She finds more ways to keep from spending time with me. What is that mess?

It's an art project. She took a class and is making a journal out of an old children's book. The covers of the book are the covers of the journal. She has added vintage touches like flowers from an old hat, fancy old buttons, wallpaper, trading stamps, tickets, lace, and trims. The Writer says she loves using vintage wallpaper.

You mean she actually cut up a children's book? I don't believe it.

She said she heard a tiny little scream when she ripped into the spine with her X-acto knife. The instructor had a lot of books for people to cut up. The Writer rescued an old reader called Johnny and Jenny Rabbit from sharp, biting blades and now it lives happily in our house.


TamraW said...

Bobbsey Twins! Yes!

My grandmother gave me a (slightly used) set of them when I was little. I treasured that set! Now it's buried somewhere in my mothers house. every year I ask her to dig them out and give them to me for Christmas, every year she forgets.

What a great idea for a project . . .

ellsworth said...

The Writer has her old Bobbsey Twins, too. She wouldn't dream of cutting up those books. This book was "going under the knife" anyway and she chose it because it was published in 1918, the year her parents were born.

stacer said...

I had a copy of a Bobbsey Twins volume published in the 50s that I held on to for so long, then it suddenly vanished when I went away to college and stored things in my grandma's attic. A LOT of things disappeared from that attic--I had a cousin who didn't have any qualms about stealing things to sell, or taping over things that didn't belong to her--like my whole senior year of dance team. :P Memories lost forever.

But that experience (having the book, not my cousin) has made me love walking in used bookstores to see what gems I can find. My grandma (the other one) is also always finding me old books as she's cleaning out nooks of her house--same way I got those cameras I now own, except the one from my grandpa, which he gave to me himself right before he died.

ellsworth said...

Yes, you and The Writer must have been separated at birth. She had a Bobbsey book from the 50s too. She read in the backseat of her grandfather's 1950 Buick (stored at her carport). The seat was as big as a living room and the back windshield let in warm winter sun.

She has heard alarming stories about people's belongings thrown out. It is so sad. The Writer doesn't have everything from her childhood, but she has the most important thing. ME!