Monday, January 28, 2008

Writing Monday

The Writer wants all writers out there to repeat this phrase: Location, location, location. No, she's not talking about the setting of your book. She's talking about where you write your book. For the last 26 years, The Writer has worked in a home office--usually a converted bedroom. It's good to have a place that is just for your work with a door you can shut to keep out family distractions.

You mean cats.

That's why The Writer has a steel door on her office with a deadbolt. Anyway, this set-up has worked fine until last year when The Writer found herself overwhelmed with office work in her own office. E-mail, the phone, papers, school work, books, research material. No matter how often she cleaned out the clutter, it was all too distracting. So she left her office. She moved downstairs to the study, set up her laptop on a TV tray, and was able to concentrate on her current project.

She got this idea from a book called Chapter after Chapter by Heather Sellers. Sellers writes: "Moving a book-in-progress is like fluffing the pillows or shaking out your pockets or cleaning out the junk drawer. Next time you're stuck, move." Since reading that The Writer has also driven to a nearby park and sat in the parking lot to work. Being office-bound is sometimes counterproductive to creativity.

The Writer still reads books about how to write books?

Yes. It doesn't matter how many books a person has written--she can always learn more. It's an evolving process.

Evolving, my paw. You're telling me that The Writer doesn't really know what she's doing! I knew that all along.

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