Friday, January 18, 2008

Winchester's Snowcat

Winchester! Did you just come in from outside?

Yes, and look what I made! A snowcat! Isn't it cool? Get it? Snow, cool?

You aren't supposed to go outdoors. How did you get out?

Checked the dryer vent lately?

You couldn't get in that vent if you greased your whole body with butter! How did you do it?



Becky said...

I love sneaky Winchester :)

By the way, my parents used to tell me that Santa came in through the dryer vent since we didn't have a chimney :)

TamraW said...

Oh how cute! A snow cat!

Winchester, you're so clever.

I love the writers notes on ALA! I wish I could have been there . . .

Little Willow said...

Hugs to the real cat. So sad to see a snow cat melt (meowlt?)

ellsworth said...

Becky: The Writer had a cat once who slipped through the dryer vent to meet with a certain tomcat.

Tamra: I wish you could have been at ALA, too! We could have had an old-fashioned Hamsterfest.

Little Willow: meowlt! Oh, you speak Winchester's language. He's in love with you already.