Friday, January 25, 2008

Winchester Is Cured

Ooooh. I'm still so sick from this computer virus. All I can do is lie around. And maybe eat a little chicken fricasee.

You shouldn't eat solid food. I have the very thing for you.

Ellsworth, can you cure me?

Yes. I made you some chicken broth.

I've never heard of chicken broth. What part of the chicken does it come from?

The whole chicken. I took a chicken and squeezed really hard. What came out is chicken broth.

Ewwww! Water from a wrung out chicken! No way am I touching that stuff! I feel much better!

I told you I could cure you. Heheheh.


TamraW said...

Oh, Winchester!

Take two chocolates and call me in the morning!

ellsworth said...

Winchester actually doesn't like chocolate, but The Writer followed your advice and *she's* feeling much better! Thanks, Tami!