Thursday, January 17, 2008

Real Winter Weather!

Winchester! It's snowing! Our first real snow of the winter. Isn't it pretty?

Wow, look at those flakes! I hope it snows for days and days and it gets really deep.

You don't want the snow to get too deep or else The Writer won't be able to go out and get you more cat food.

Oh, right. Well, just deep enough to make a snowcat. And you can make a snow-elephant.

You aren't allowed outside, remember?

You're spoiling the whole winter thing! I'll find a way to make a snowcat. You wait!


Connie said...

Inquiring minds want to know who named Ellsworth? You or your sister or did he come with a name?

Granna Connie and Sarah who is waiting for the stork.

ellsworth said...

The Writer named me. She saw the name Ellsworth the Elephant, who was a story or a cartoon on the children's page in either McCall's or Ladie's Home Journal, back it the 50s. The character was a boy, but The Writer thought the name was perfect for me. I think so too, but we both have to tell people all the time I'm a GIRL. Good luck with the stork. I hear he's coming today!