Friday, January 4, 2008

One Hundred Years Ago

The Writer and her husband had a discussion this morning. The Writer, who longs to go back to the early 1900s, talked about what people did for entertainment back then. They played the piano and sang, kicked back the carpet and danced, or played games. Word games like Nouns and Adjectives or acting games like charades and dumb-crambo. The Writer has read memoirs from those days. People did things together and that's what made them memorable. Who's going to remember playing their iPod or some computer game?

Nouns and Adjectives? Dumb-crambo? The Writer is clearly living in a fantasy world. Nobody wants to play anything so stupid. Give me a catnip mouse and I'm good to go.

Her point is that people did things as a community, not isolated in front of electronic screens like today. Her husband said the people back then didn't have any choice. It was play dumb-crambo or nothing. If somebody gave them an iPod, they might have chosen that instead. Then The Writer got all mad because she can't argue with logic since she doesn't have any. But if she gets a chance to go back to 1908, she's leaving!

Well, I'm not. I bet the cat food back then was horrible.

Why are you here anyway? Only I'm supposed to be in this picture with the 1908 magazine edited by Frances Hodgson Burnett. When The Writer snapped the picture, you were in it!

Heh heh heh


stacer said...

Heh, but Winchester, the cat food back then also might have involved actual meat scraps, rather than kibble. :)

ellsworth said...

What Winchester doesn't know is that there *wasn't* any cat food back then. He'd have to catch it himself!

TamraW said...

And that's exactly why my husband insists on family game night at least once a week. To drag this writer off her computer!