Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More on ALA

Yesterday some kidlit bloggers posted about the books they are most looking forward to this year. The Writer saw a lot of books at ALA that she wanted to read, but this book is the one she simply can't wait for.
The Writer happens to be a nerd--

This is news? Tell me something I didn't already know.

--a children's book nerd. The Writer doesn't just read children's books. She especially loves books about children's books. She began collecting books on children's literature when she was 21 and saw a copy of Children and Books at a yard sale. She bought the textbook for $1 and from then on, she has bought every book--new and old--about children's literature she can get her sticky little hands on.

So at ALA when everyone was oohing and aahing over this book or that, The Writer saw a poster for a new book by Leonard Marcus, who is living the life The Writers wants to hijack. Leonard Marcus has written about Margaret Wise Brown, Ursula Nordstom, and other books about children's writers and illustrators. He gets to wallow in research about these great people and The Writer is deeply envious. She can't wait to get a copy of Minders of Make-Believe.

What else did The Writer do at ALA?

She went to the Reading Terminal Market, this fabulous market with all kinds of wonderful food. Everywhere she looked there were people selling oysters and ducks and steaks and homemade pasta and bread--

Now you're talking! What did The Writer buy? A thick juicy lamb chop?

You know The Writer doesn't eat red meat. Actually she bought a piece of art. A small framed German paper cutting of two children and four rabbits.

She was in a place with a ton of food and meat and she bought a picture? The Writer isn't just a nerd. She's certifiable.


Caroline said...

I love Leonard Marcus's books, too - have a copy of his book on Golden Books that I didn't have time to read when it came out, but now that ALA is over, it's on my pile.
I'm enjoying the snow today - hope you are, too!

ellsworth said...

The Writer thinks LM's Golden Books book is awesome, but then she's a book geek and gets excited over the weirdest stuff.