Friday, December 7, 2007

Tiny Ellsworth

"Winchester's Christmas Carol"
Act One
Scene Three:

A street in London. Five children stand on a corner. They have been looking in shop windows at displays of food and toys and games. One child walks with the aid of a crutch.

Oldest Girl: Did you see that beautiful Christmas tree in Featherstone's? All loaded with candles and candy canes!

Next Oldest Girl: I wish we could have a tree like that in our house.

Middle Boy: We've never had a Christmas tree in our whole lives.

Tiny Ellsworth: Maybe we will this year.

Third Girl: Really? Do you really think so, Tiny Ellsworth?

Next Oldest Girl: How? Papa doesn't make hardly any money. Thanks to that stingy old Mr. Scrooge.

Tiny Ellsworth: Mr. Scrooge is just--close with his money, that's all. I bet he gives Papa a raise and a great big turkey, just like the one in Wallingham's window!

Oldest Girl: In your dreams!

Middle Boy: I wonder what turkey tastes like. I found a chicken bone in the garbage once. Do you think it's better than that?

Third Girl: Mama said we're having gruel, even though it's Christmas. I'm so sick of gruel!

Tiny Ellsworth: Gruel is good for us. Anyway, the important thing is that we'll all be together.

Oldest Girl: Tiny Ellsworth, sometimes I think you fell off your stool by the firelace one time too many.

End of Scene Three

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