Monday, December 10, 2007

Scrooge's Christmas Past

"Winchester's Christmas Carol"
Act Two
Scene One:

Scrooge is asleep when the clock strikes one. He opens his eyes and sees a childlike ghost smiling at him.

Scrooge: W-who are you?

Ghost: I am the Ghost of Christmas past. Your past, Winchester Scrooge. Rise and walk with me.

She heads toward the window.

Scrooge: I am a mortal! I will fall!

Ghost: Just touch my hand.

Scrooge: I can't run around in this nightshirt. I'll freeze.

Ghost: With your girth, I doubt you'll ever freeze. Now touch my hand!

Instantly, Scrooge and the Ghost are standing in an old building.

Ghost: Do you know this place?

Scrooge: Yes! It's the schoolhouse I went to as a boy. That's my stool. I was a good student, you know, but--

Ghost: But what?

Scrooge: I was rather lonely. I had to stay in school over the Christmas holidays when my friends got to go home and have fun. Spirit, this place brings back sad memories. Can we leave?

The Ghost waves her holly crown and Scrooge finds himself back in bed again. He falls asleep immediately, exhausted.

End of Scene One

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