Saturday, December 15, 2007

Keep Christmas in Your Heart All Year

"Winchester's Christmas Carol"
Act Three
Scene Two:

Inside the Cratchit home. The children are gathered around a Christmas tree. Toys are scattered on the floor. A table is set with sparkling china.

Scrooge: Where did your father go? I just told him that he is getting a raise. And a full coal scuttle every single day.

Biggest Cratchit Girl: He fainted from the shock. Mother took him into the bedroom so he could lie down.

Scrooge: Wait till you taste that turkey! And I had all the trimmings sent over, too. We are going to have a real Christmas feast!

Little Boy: The tree is the most beautifulest ever!

Second Girl: We never had real toys before.

Scrooge: Nothing but the best for this family from now on. You see, Christmas isn't just a day. Sharing and giving is a way of life. I will be the sharingest, givingest man in all of London!

Tiny Ellsworth: God bless us, every one!

End of Scene Two

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