Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Matinee

The Writer is going to Richmond today to see "The Nutcracker," performed by the Richmond Ballet. She is very excited because she hasn't seen the show in three years.

That's the show with the cool mouse fight! I want to go!

Those are rats, not mice, in the fight scene and you can't go. Sometimes The Writer needs to--

Get away from me?

You said it. Anyway, The Writer loves the story of "The Nutcracker." She plays the music even in the summer. And she's seen every production on TV. When she lived closer to DC, she went to see it at the Kennedy Center.

Her favorite production is the Pacific Northwest Ballet's with sets designed by Maurice Sendak. Even if Sendak wasn't a famous children's book illustrator, The Writer thinks his sets are the best--that wonderful stormy boat scene, those rat statues, the great big Nutcracker mouth chomping down as the final curtain. She taped the TV program once, but it's a pretty bad version. She's tried to buy a better copy. Sendak did a book based on his sets and she has that.

Wasn't one of the songs in "The Nutcracker" used in a Friskies cat food commercial?

There is no hope for you.


Pyewacket said...

I LURV The Nutcracker, too! I'm so envious of The Writer because she saw the Sendak version! I saw the Sendak production of The Magic Flute, which was amazing!

ellsworth said...

The Writer didn't see the Sendak production live. She saw it on TV and the next year, recorded it. Now she is jealous because you saw the Sendak production of The Magic Flute and she didn't!