Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ellsworth Marley

"Winchester's Christmas Carol"
Act One
Scene Four

Inside Winchester Scrooge's house. He is sitting by the fire in his nightclothes, eating supper. Suddenly he hears a clanking sound coming up the stairs. In walks a ghost bound with chains and dragging a money box.

Scrooge: Who are you?

Ellsworth Marley: In life I was your partner, Ellsworth Marley.

Scrooge: Marley has been dead seven years. You, sir, are a figment of my imagination. A bit of undigested beef, a fragment of underdone potato--

Marley screams.

Scrooge: (frightened) W-why are you here?

Marley: I have come to warn you. See this chain I wear? I forged it link by link, making money and ignoring my fellow man. I am doomed to wander forever. But you have a chance!

Scrooge: To do what? By the way, did you die of a toothache?

Marley screams again.

Scrooge: All right! Don't get your chain in a twist. What do you want from me?

Marley: You will be haunted by three spirits tonight--

Scrooge: No! No more ghosts!

Marley: Expect the first when the bell tolls one.

Scrooge: Why can't they all come at once so I can get it over with?

Marley moans and flies out the window. Scrooge stares outside. The night sky is filled with moaning phantoms shackled in chains.

End of Scene Four and Act One.

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