Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ellsworth and Winchester Host a Luncheon

Our first luncheon, Winchester. Look at the table! It's so pretty! This glass bowl is filled with vintage ornaments from The Writer's family.

There isn't any food here.

Not yet. You don't serve food until the guest arrives.

Who's coming, anyway?

The Writer's friend from Hollins University. She lives in Fredericksburg, too, and they are getting together to celebrate the holidays.

But the Classmate Lady really wants to meet us. Me, especially.

I think you're right, though she wants to meet me most of all.

What's that awful smell coming from the kitchen?

The lunch. The Classmate Lady is vegan, which means she doesn't eat any meat or dairy or fish. So The Writer is making things like hummus, a dip made from chick peas.

Who ever heard of a meal with no meat! Chick peas! Blah! I'll say hi to the Classmate Lady and then I'm outta here.

1 comment:

TamraW said...

So that's what hummus is made of!

I hope you both had a wonderful meeting with the Writer's friend.