Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Present

"Winchester's Christmas Carol"
Act Two
Scene Two:

Scrooge's bedchamber. Scrooge is in bed. The clock strikes one again. He wakes up and looks around. A decorated tree stands in his room. Presents are heaped beneath its branches. A huge spirit sits beside the tree. He is dressed in a green velvet robe with a white fur collar.

Ghost of Christmas Present: Ah hah, hah, hah!

Scrooge: Who are you? And what's so funny?

Ghost: I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present. I'm always in a good mood.

Scrooge: Really? Then those presents under the tree are for me?

Ghost: Those presents are symbols of this great day, which you never seem to enjoy.

Scrooge: I will now, I promise--

Ghost: Touch my robe.

Scrooge touches the jovial ghost's robe. Instantly he is transported into a small room packed with children and people. They are sitting down to eat.

Scrooge: That's Cratchit, my clerk. And they must be his wife and children. What's the name of the youngest one, the one who can't walk?

Ghost: Tiny Ellsworth. Notice they have only salami for dinner. See how Cratchit is slicing it very thinly.

Scrooge: A pretty crummy dinner, that's for sure.

Ghost: They would have roast goose if you paid him better wages! But they are happy just the same because they have each other.

Scrooge: And I have no one. Spirit, will you take me back now?

The Ghost waves the hem of his robe. Scrooge is back in his bed. He falls asleep once more.

End of Scene Two


stacer said...

These are so awesome. With you and Winchester as inspiration, I've created a Christmas card I think you'll enjoy: http://slwhitman.livejournal.com. :)

ellsworth said...

We love your photos! Winchester would be delighted to ship his wardrobe to Moggit and Tildrum!

stacer said...

Ha, I bet he would be. Then he couldn't be tortured himself. :D