Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Writer Rides Again

The Writer suddenly loved all things horses. She bought horse jewelry. She bought a pair of pants with horseshoes printed all over them. She read Seabiscuit. She went to the famous Montpelier steeplechase race. And she took lessons at another barn down the road, Quad J Farm.

This time the horse was tacked up already, but there were no ponies. She got a chestnut Thoroughbred with three white stockings and a white blaze down his nose. The horse's show name is Forgot My Sock, but his barn name is Ty. Ty had one purpose in life--eat. He wanted to live in his stall and eat or graze in the pastures. He did not like being a school horse. When the trainer brought him out, The Writer said, "Do you have anything smaller and narrower?" What she should have said was, "Do you have anything that moves?"

Riding Ty was hard work. The Writer had to kick him to get him to budge. She didn't like kicking the horse. She was afraid it would hurt him or hurt his feelings. That was The Writer's trouble. She wanted to be buddies with the horses. She also thought riding a horse would sort of be like driving a car. She found out fast that horses have minds of their own. After six months of private lessons, The Writer still could not post to trot! She felt like a failure. Ty was probably laughing. Who couldn't learn to post?

Okay, okay, she finally does learn to post. The end! Tell a cat story next!

Don't be rude, Winchester. The Writer did learn to post. She stayed with her lessons, though she never was able to gallop. Next I'll tell you what she wound up doing on her 50th birthday. Remember, she wanted to go on a trail ride.

I'm not holding my breath.

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