Thursday, November 8, 2007

Winchester's Closet

Winchester has a love/hate relationship with the closet under the stairs. That's where his dry food is kept, but also the vacuum cleaner, mops, and broom.

Hey! Those things can be dangerous! Especially that hairy mop thing.

The Writer keeps his dry food in a plastic bucket with a lid so Winchester can't get in it (he's been known to chew through bags). The bucket says "Deli-Cat" but the food inside is really diet cat kibble. The Writer didn't have enough stickers to spell out "Winchester" on the lid, so she put "Mr. Big."

Yeah. That' s me.

Half the time The Writer drops some kibble when she scoops it out. Winchester likes to duck in the closet and scratch around for those old, linty kibbles.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Are you going somewhere with this?

Yes. The Writer is also watching her weight. She gave away all the Halloween candy she bought for herself the day after Halloween (half price). But this morning I saw her open the candy drawer (now empty). She spotted a tiny box of Milk Duds stuck way in the back. She looked just like you as she clawed it out, cackling with glee.

That just goes to show that people and cats aren't that different after all. Do you think you can open this bucket for me?


TamraW said...

Ah yes! the candy at the back of the junk drawer!

I know it well . . .

ellsworth said...

The Writer was on her hands and knees looking in the back of that drawer today. She needs a candy fix!