Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Newspaper Story

Winchester! The Free Lance-Star is here!

LOOK! I'm mentioned first!

Let me see. Oh, for heaven's sake, you are.

"Winchester the Cat had been given a bath." Well, that part can't be helped, but the Reporter Lady was so impressed with me, she used me to lead the story. And you are--where are you in this story, Ellsworth?

I'm in the next paragraph. It says I was nestled in my small wicker basket. Which I was. The poor Writer! She's isn't mentioned until the third paragraph, if you don't count the subtitle under the title: "Local Writer Cherishes Writing: Candice Ransom is a prolific children's writer, very dedicated to her chosen craft." I hope she's not mad.

Why should she be mad? The title should read "Local Writer Cherishes Wonderful and Terribly Smart Black Cat." If she was more dedicated to me, maybe she would have been mentioned in the first paragraph.

The only reason you got top billing was because you carried on so much!

What can I say? The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Next time don't be such a goody-goody, sitting in your little wicker basket. Move over, I want to read about me again.

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