Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cybils Nomination!

The Writer doesn't just write the Time Spies books. She also writes picture books and novels and nonfiction books. Today she was delighted to learn that her fall novel Seeing Sky-Blue Pink has been nominated for a Cybils award, in the middle grade fiction category.

The Cybils are cyber awards, judged by professionals in the industry. Most of them have blogs. A few decided to create an online award, another way of recognizing children's books.

Seeing Sky-Blue Pink is based on The Writer's childhood. In the book there is a cat that can predict the weather!

The Writer put me in another book? I'm glad she's finally recognizing my talents--

She did not put you in Seeing Sky-Blue Pink. You aren't the only cat in the world, you know.

Only the best.


TamraW said...

Congratulations to The Writer!

TamraW said...

Congratulations to The Writer!

Bkbuds said...

Congrats to the writer, and the rest of you too! :-)

Kate said...

Yay! The Writer deserves a big hand ... er, paw ... Ellsworth! A Cybil for Pink for Sky-Blue Pink. How perfect.

Hugs, Kate

ellsworth said...

The Writer says thanks to everyone. She doens't believe she'll win in a million years, but at least five more people (the judges) will read her book!