Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Winchester and the Reporter Lady

Winchester! The Writer is mad at you for misbehaving when the Reporter Lady from the Free Lance-Star was here. She was interviewing The Writer, who was trying to be writerly. But you acted up! First you jumped in the window and scared her. Then you lay on the rug and clawed it and the you ripped up the newspaper. The newspaper she works for!

It was lunch time! I was trying to get The Writer's attention. Who has an interview during a scheduled meal time?

Lots of people! If the world ran according to your stomach-clock, nothing would ever get done. The Reporter Lady was so eager to get away from your carrying on, she ran right out of her shoes and she left her reporter notebook!

The newspaper is nothing but bad news anyway. Don't you think she thought I was kind of cute?


TamraW said...

Oh! That's so cute!

The poor, poor reporter lady. Does the writer have a Beware of Attack Cat sign hanging on her front door?

ellsworth said...

That's a good idea, Tamra! Only the sign should read, "Beware of Annoying Cat."