Monday, October 22, 2007

Snow Time Again

Guess what day it is, Winchester?

Pick On Cat Day? So far today I've been run over by a vaccum cleaner, chased by your ex-friend Xenia, and cornered by The Writer who gave me a bath!

You need a bath. A reporter is coming over tomorrow to interview The Writer and we all have to look our best. But no, it's Monday and that means Robert's Snow Day. The weekly schedule of illustrator snowflakes and features are posted on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Last Monday, more than 160 blogs mentioned Robert's Snow before noon! This week should be even better! The illustration is from Grace Lin's book Robert's Snow, the original story she told her husband while he was having treatments back in 2004. Check out the gorgeous snowflakes that are a tribute to Robert Mercer and think snow!

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