Monday, October 8, 2007

Robert's Snow

The snowflakes will soon be falling! The Robert's Snow auction is more than a month away, but you maybe be able to see the snowflakes in person. This past weekend, all 150 hand-painted snowflakes were on display at Child at Heart Art Gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Robert's wife, Grace Lin, came to view the wonderful creations.

A week from today, October 15, the "host" blogs will begin featuring various snowflakes and illustrators. Check the schedule at the Blog for the Cure coordinating blog, Seven Impossble Things Before Breakfast. At Seven Imp, you will find a schedule of who is featuring which illustrators. Lots of fun things are planned, so stop by all the blogs!

Do they have any cat snowflakes?

I bet there are! You'll have to view the snowflakes yourself. Check them out!

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