Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Robert's Snow

Snow? It's only October. It's too early for snow.

Not everywhere, Winchester. Right now--all over the country--people are reading about Robert's Snow, an online auction of special snowflakes. Let me tell you the story of Robert's Snow.

Robert Mercer married Grace Lin, a children's book author and illustrator. They were so happy. Then Robert was diagnosed with bone cancer (Ewing's sarcoma). While he was being treated that winter, Grace told him a story about a little mouse who wasn't allowed to go out in the snow. The story became a book called Robert's Snow. And Robert's treatments worked--he was in remission.

But in 2004, Robert's cancer returned. His doctors said Robert and others with Ewing's sarcoma needed a breakthrough in medical research. So Grace and Robert enlisted the help of children's book illustrators. Each decorated a wooden snowflake that was auctioned. They raised over $100,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute! Robert's Snowflakes was published, showing many of the different snowflakes.

Sadly, Robert Mercer passed away in August 2007. But the fight to find the cure continues. 150 children's illustrators have created wooden snowflakes to be auctioned this fall. You can see the snowflakes online at Robert's Snow. They are being auctioned in groups: Auction 1, Nov. 19-23; Auction 2, Nov. 26-30; Auction 3, Dec. 3-7.

I made this snowflake in Robert Mercer's memory. It will not be auctioned, of course. Please check out the lovely snowflakes and think about bidding on one. It's for a wonderful cause.

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Donna Layton said...

Candice....this is so sad. Heartbreaking. I love the idea of a snowflake auction by children's book illustrators. I like your snowflake too.