Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fairy Cat-mother

Everybody loves the story of "Cinderella." When I was a young elephant, I used to daydream about being in that story. I would be Ellsworthella.

"Ellsworthella?" You've got to be kidding.

I wore rags and my stepmother forced me to scrub floors. My stepsisters laughed at me. One day we heard that the king was giving a ball for his son, the prince. All the girls in the land were invited to meet him. My stepsisters got new dresses, but I had to stay home. I was crying in the ashes when my fairy cat-mother appeared, fluttering her wings.

Ellsworthella had a fairy cat-mother?

Doesn't everyone? Anyway, she waved her magic wand and my rags became a beautiful gown. I had red velvet slippers on my feet. Then she waved her wand again and the pumpkin turned into a gold coach. The mice and rats became horses and coachmen. I was going to the ball! But my fairy cat-mother warned me--I must leave before the clock struck midnight or everything would turn back.

Don't tell me--you danced with the prince until the clock struck twelve and then you ran away, but he found one red velvet slipper on the castle steps.

Then you know how it ends! Do you want to be a fairy cat-mother for Halloween?

I'd rather be that pumpkin. These wings itch!


stacer said...

Ha! My roommate thinks we need to make Mexican wrestling masks for my cats for Halloween. Mogget and Tildrum in the death match!

TamraW said...

What an adorable picture! I love the fairy wings.

I also love the Rider cover! It's perfect.

ellsworth said...

Winchester did not feel adorable in those wings. He could hardly walk--I nearly died laughing. The pictures weren't good so I took the wings off. He walked around in the tiara like it was nothing. Then we started over and I got that picture.

The Rider cover is my very favorite!

The Writer

ellsworth said...

Stacy, Mexican wrestling masks! Winchester doesn't have anything so multi-cultural and hip. We'd love to see Mogget and Tildrum in them.