Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ellsworth's Saturday Library Book

This week when I went to the library, I checked out Ghosts and Goblins by Wilhelmina Harper. This was one of The Writer's favorite Halloween books when she was a kid. It's chock-full of scary stories and folktales and poems. The Writer likes "Teeny Tiny," but my favorite story is called "King o' the Cats."

Ooo, a cat story!

A man runs into his house. His wife and their black cat, Old Tom, are sitting by the fire. The man asks his wife, "Who's Tommy Tildrum?" His wife has no idea, but Old Tom says meow. Nobody pays any attention to him.

Typical. Ignore the cat.

The man says he saw nine big black cats like Old Tom, all with "a white spot on their chestesses." They were carrying a tiny coffin covered in black velvet with a little crown on it. Then one of the cats says to the man, "Tell Tom Tildrum that Tim Toldrum's dead." Suddenly Old Tom swells up and says, "Old Tim dead! Then I'm the King o' the Cats!" And he flies up the chimney.

I have a white spot on my chestess! I'm the King of the Cats!

No, you're not. But you do have a friend named Tildrum.

I'm King o' the Cats! I'm King o' the Cats!

I've created a monster.


stacer said...

Tildrum would thank you kindly to please give back his crown, Winchester.

ellsworth said...

You have to ignore Winchester, Tildrum. I do. That's the best way, most of the time.