Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ellsworth Goes to the Library

Last week, the Salem Church library had 5 copies of Rider in the Night nicely stacked on the special Halloween book display. I went back a few days later and all the copies were checked out! In fact, all the copies in all the branches of the library were checked out!

I couldn't pose next to the book, so I snuggled up with this big guy instead. One featured book happens to be by The Writer's friend, Linda Shute. (It's the book with the light bouncing off it--The Writer takes awful pictures sometimes). Linda wrote and illustrated this really fun, scary book called Halloween Party. I want to go to a party like the one in this book! Hurry to your library and check it out!

I suppose you think I'm wild with jealousy because you're posing with that big bear. Well, I'm not. Not in the least. Not the teensiest tiniest bit. I so don't care, it's not funny--

Oh, put a sock in it.

This post is dedicated to Linda Shute, wonderful friend, writer, and illustrator.


Donna Layton said...

Yippee on all the books being checked out of ALL THE LIBRARIES! That is so cool.
I will keep Linda in my thoughts and prayers. So sad.

ellsworth said...

The Writer thanks you for that.