Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back to the Pumpkin Patch

Winchester, today I went back to the pumpkin patch. What do you think of these pumpkins? You can't say these are too small or "mediumish."

Whoa! Be careful or one of those bad boys will roll over on you. You'd be an Ellsworth tiddlywink.

Hmmm. Maybe they are a little too big. What are we going to do? Halloween is in a few days. I haven't found the perfect pumpkin and you haven't found the perfect costume. Well, we still have four more days--I see you sneaking out!

Maybe the Great Pumpkin will rise up out of the pumpkin patch and carry that annoying elephant off somewhere!

1 comment:

TamraW said...

Yes, pumpkin shopping is an art. It takes A and B hours to find just the right ones . . .