Sunday, September 23, 2007

Winchester Becomes Cool Hip Writer Dude

Winchester! How come you're goofing off at the coffee shop? Why aren't you working on your novel? And why are you wearing a baseball cap backward?

I am working on my novel. Cool hip writer dudes write in coffee shops, you know. They don't wear bowties or write on typewriters. That's so 1980. They wear baseball caps and work on laptops with the chatter of other cool, hip people around them.

Your laptop screen is blank. I bet you have writer's block!

I do not! I just need more coffee. Wait-person! I'll have another raspberry chocolate frappuccino light blended creme with double whipped cream, white chocolate chips, and raspberry drizzle, please.


TamraW said...

Hmmmmm - maybe that's my problem! I need to get me one of those raspberry latte white frothy double . . .

Oh, nevermind. Just give me a medium regular coffee!

I never could order those fancy drinks.

ellsworth said...

Winchester found he had a sugar high for seventeen straight hours. He won't be ordering one of those fancy drinks again!