Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wincester Does His Research

Most hot-shot writers just start writing. So that's what I'm going to do today. Sit down at my typewriter and let the words fly.

That's not how The Writer begins. She always does research first.

The Writer is such a bore! She makes things harder!

No, she doesn't. Even if she's writing fiction, she feels her book needs--how does she put it?--"a ring of authenticity." So she researches the background or the setting or the characters job.

Okay, I'll do my crummy old research. I need some index cards. And file box to keep them in. No, wait! A little basket has more style.

The Writer says writers shouldn't get too hung up on tools. The important thing is to do the work.

Yeah, right. Index cards are so 1975. I need a PDA to write my notes in. No! A cellphone with the Internet.


LaJune said... have given me my smile and laugh for the day...Ellsworth and his 3x5's...LaJune :)

ellsworth said...

Winchester's index cards are 2 by 3, about the size of business cards. The Writer uses them for quick notes, that is, when Winchester isn't stealing them.

The Writer is taking me cropping again this Friday! I'm going to start my album at LaJune's store!


stacer said...

Hee hee!