Sunday, September 30, 2007

Patricia's Story

Friday and Saturday The Writer and I participated in ScrapPink, where scrapbookers got together at scrapbook stores all over the country to honor women they knew who have or have had cancer. The Writer cropped for her sister, Patricia.

Patricia? Isn't she the one who bought you from that toy store and swiped her aunt's engagement ring?

She just borrowed that ring. Anyway, in September, 1999, Patricia was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer. This is an uncommon cancer that affects the back of the throat. Patricia had surgery immediately, followed by 56 radiation therapy treatments. It was a rough time for her. She lost a lot of weight because she couldn't eat. She drank Boost and Ensure for a whole year. Patricia is very strong, though. She kept working and playing with her grandson, Taylor. She never lost heart and she didn't stop doing the things she loved. And she got better! She beat that nasty old cancer!

Good for her!

The Writer created a tribute layout about Patricia for The Cropper's Corner Wall of Hope, which will be displayed in the store in September and October. The layout is small, 6 by 6 inches, and it's hard to see in the photograph (The Writer isn't a good photographer). The Writer used pretty pink swirly paper and rub-on transfers of butterflies and silk flowers. At the bottom, "7 Years" is spelled out in glittery rhinestones and there is a teeny-tiny rhinestone on Patricia's picture.

This post is dedicated to Patricia, and also to Kate and Jeanne and all the women out there who have had cancer and beaten it. Yay to you all!


Kate said...

Thank you, Pink. I am so touched that you created such a lovely tribute to Patricia, and included me, too. Being a survivor was a gift, and opened me to life in so many ways. Without it I never would have started writing, never would have met you, and my life would have so much paler without your bright Pink friendship. Love, Kate

TamraW said...

What a touching post!

Thanks for sharing . . .

ellsworth said...

Patricia thanks you both for reading her story and taking the time to comment. Kate, everyone who knows you feels they have been your friend forever. It is the strength of women like Patricia and Kate who give us all hope.

Donna Layton said...

Women like Pat, Kate and Jeanne are an inspiration to all of us. It's amazing how hard life can get and how some people have the gumption to break out of pain's grip. So here's to Pat, Kate, Jeanne and I'll add Stacy & Laura for toppling the highest mountain!