Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ellsworth's Second Adventure

My second big adventure happened while Patricia--remember her from my first adventure?--was at school. By then Candice, who is now The Writer, had found my in her sister's toy chest. We became instant best friends and I went everywhere with Candice. Back in those days, Candice's mother didn't drive so we took a Trailways bus to town. Candice and I loved riding the bus! We'd sit next to the window and she'd hold me up so I could see out.

In town, we'd go to the bank and Peebles Department store and Woolworth's. Then we'd catch the bus back home. One day Candice did the unthinkable. She left me on the bus! I sat alone and forgotten as the bus drove back to the depot in Washington, D.C., 25 miles from my house!

What did you do?

I was afraid I'd be stuck in the Lost and Found box. But the driver knew me. He propped me on the dashboard and the next day on his route, he stopped at our driveway, even though Candice and her mother weren't waiting to catch the bus. He got off and put me in the mailbox! And that's where Candice found me! We had a happy reunion with pie dough roll-ups! What did you think of this story, Winchester?



TamraW said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!

That's the inspiration for The Big Green Pocketbook, right?!

That's a lovely story!

ellsworth said...

Yes, The Writer left her famous green pocketbook on the same bus, at a different time. Too bad she didn't write about losing me. Another guy did--Mo Somebody--and he's cleaning up with his book. I may change my name to Knuffle-Elephant.


Donna Layton said...

That's a miraculous story. I love that bus driver. You don't often see people like that anymore. Ellsworth....you were meant to be!