Friday, September 28, 2007

The Big 2-5

It's kind of quiet around here with Winchester gone. But at least I have my blog back. This month The Writer celebrated 25 years since the publication of her first book! Here I am with the book that was published in 1982. It's called The Silvery Past. The Writer wanted to celebrate with her friends, so she brought cupcakes to the scrapbook store.

How come she didn't save a cupcake for me?

Winchester? Is that you? What happened to Yellow Bear?

She was no Ellsworth. What happened to Xenia?

She was no Winchester.

So that's The Writer's very first published book? It doesn't look like something that would be on the shelf next to Charlotte's Web.

Well, that was The Writer's dream. But she says that in publishing, you walk through whatever door opens. And this book was her door. That was over 100 books ago! The Writer and I are off to Scrap-Pink weekend at the scrapbook store.

Are you sure there isn't a cupcake crumb or anything left for me?

Welcome back, Winchester.


Kate said...

Happy 25th anniversary, my Pink friend! Wish I could be there to share a cupcake and a cup of tea. Or better yet, some of that turkey shortcake.

I've been trying to email you but your account is bouncing me. Are you trying to tell me something???

Happy Scrap-Pink!

Love, Kate

Kate said...

At risk of having this be a duplicate, I'm typing it again as my previous comment disappeared in cyperspace. I'll bet that dratted Winchester nabbed it because I was complimenting The Writer on her 25 years of writing! He's so jealous.

Wish I was there to share a cupcake or two (yummy) or better yet, some of that delicious turkey shortcake!

Happy Scrap-Pink and kudos to you on your illustrious writing anniversary!

Love, Kate

P.S. Your email is bouncing me!

TamraW said...

Yea for you!!!

Happy 25th to The Writer!

Donna Layton said...

Okay....I thought I was finished. Blogger was toying with me. Well, Ellsworth, I'm glad Winchester realized writing a book is no cake walk. I'm also glad the two of you mended fences. I really don't think you could live without one another.

ellsworth said...

25 years! That sounds like a long time but I'm 53, so it's not that long at all. (The Writer is 55--hee-hee!). Thanks, everybody, for stopping by our little cupcake party. Winchester says he hopes The Writer has something better for the next big celebration.