Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to School Giveaway!

Now that most teachers in our state will return to school on Tuesday, September 4, I have decided to hold a drawing. I will be giving away a special prize to two outstanding elementary school teachers. Each teacher will receive a copy of one of the Time Spies books, bookmark, maze, and activity sheet!

They will also get an altered clipboard handmade by The Writer, whose altered projects, mini-albums, and art pieces are quite popular. I may get into that sort of thing myself one day.
You can see the clipboards are very cute!

Since people haven't been flocking to my journal to post comments (they should--this is the best blog out there!), I will draw the winning names myself from Virginia schools listed on the Internet.

I'll have my paw on the computer mouse while Ellsworth is cruising the Net--I've had more experience with mice, you know.

Good luck, Virginia elementary school teachers!

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