Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Announcing . . . The Winners!

Drumroll, please!

(Winchester drums his front paws.)

I am pleased to announce the two winners in the Back to School Giveaway. The first is Kathleen Garcia, a third grade teacher at Red Hill Elementary in North Garden, Virginia. Kathleen is an outstanding teacher! She will receive a copy of Time Spies #1, Secret in the Tower, which is set in her area. Plus the altered clipboard made by The Writer and Time Spies stuff.

The second winner is Linda Graninger, who teaches second grade at Wilderness Elementary in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Linda gets high marks from her students! She will receive a copy of Time Spies #5, Signals in the Sky, whic is set in the Fredericksburg area. And the other goodies, too.

Congratulations to you both! To quote The Writer's motto: Take Time to Read.

And feed the cat.

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