Sunday, August 26, 2007

Signals in the Sky

I finally learned how to put covers on my journal! Here's the book I've been talking about!

That's a pretty good achievement considering your head is full of stuffing.


stacer said...

Yay! I hope my pointers worked, though of course I can overexplain at the best of times. I've linked you and even made a "feed" over on LJ for those who want to read your entries on their friends page. The feed can be found at, if you know anyone on LJ who might want that. They'll know what to do with it from there!

(My LJ is Your comments feature doesn't let me sign as "other" with a link to my LJ, which probably means you've turned off anonymous comments.)

Donna Layton said...

No offense to Ellsworth, but I think Stacy's comment might be a little complex for a stuffed elephant!!