Friday, August 31, 2007

The New Book!

The Writer delivered the latest Time Spies book this morning. Winchester and I are celebrating with a tea party! In Chapter One, Sophie has a special tea party that both Winchester and I attend. At this tea party, we are using vintage child's dishes--the plate and platter belonged to The Writer when she was a little girl--

That long ago?
--and the tablecloth is a vintage handkerchief. Of course, we have to wear pretty hats to a tea party.

The things I do for food. Now that The Writer has finished her book, she has more time for me. I have a list. Number One, I'd like to be brushed twice a day. Number Two, I'd like to inspect my kibble bucket--
Winchester, The Writer has to start a new book right away. How do you think she buys your cat food?

Well, I hope the new book is all about me!
Don't hold your breath. More tea?

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