Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My First Adventure

I promised you the story of my very first adventure. Here goes.

I'm all a'twitter.

Be still, Winchester. It was more than fifty years ago, back when I was a brand-new stuffed elephant. Oh, I was gorgeous! My plush was silver, the red velvet lining my ears and the bottoms of my feet was lush and bright. I sported a shiny red bow around my neck. I was so fetching, the toy store owner put me in the window to attract customers.

'Fetching?' Have you been reading Gone With the Wind again?

A little girl and her grandmother walked by the window. The little girl was very pretty, with brown hair and dimples. She pointed to me and her grandmother nodded. They came inside the store and bought me! The little girl carried me outside and stood in the middle of the street. The sign said, State Street. Luckily, no cars were coming.

"Am I in Virginia or Tennessee?" she called to her grandmother.

"Tennessee," her grandmother replied. "Get back over here in Virginia where you belong, Patsy."

Patricia tossed me high as she crossed to the Virginia side. We were in Bristol, a city that straddles two states. As she caught me, a diamond ring on her finger winked in the sun.

"Where did you get that ring?" her grandmother demanded.

"It's Aunt Jo's," Patricia said. "She let me try it on before I left."

"You brought your aunt's engagement ring all the way down here without her knowing it?"

Patricia skipped ahead with me. "Don't worry. I won't lose it."

She didn't, either, but people still talk about the time Patricia wore her aunt's diamond engagement ring for two weeks, traveling on a train with it. Patricia took me home to Manassass.

That's it? That's your first big adventure? I've been robbed.

I suppose you have better stories? Like the time you got stuck in the cat food cabinet?

My story won't be as lame as yours. Next time, it's my turn.

You're on.

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