Monday, August 20, 2007

How The Writer Works

The Writer has almost finished the first draft of the new Time Spies book. I can't wait to find out what happens to me!

Why don't you tell the title of the book and what it's about?

I can't do that until the book is "official." But later I'll talk about the other books that have already been published.

The Writer always breathes easier when the first draft is done. She works from a detailed outline she has written and discussed with her editor. But an outline is not a book, just like a map is not a journey. Rewriting is the fun part. The Writer can fill in the holes, make the characters more real, and put in more action.

After she has scribbled all over the first draft until she can barely read it, The Writer adds those changes into the computer and prints out a fresh copy. Then she scribbles all over that copy, making more changes.

Why doesn't she do it right the first time? She must not be very smart.

Writing is hard work!

It is not. I write the family Christmas letter every year. Piece of cake.

Anyway, after The Writer has revsied the book two, three, even four times, she sends it to her editor. The editor suggests more changes. It's a long process, but worth it. So, Winchester, do you think about today's diary entry?

Just look above . . .

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