Saturday, August 18, 2007

How the Elephant Got Her Name

People are always asking Sophie why her girl stuffed animal has a boy's name. How did I get my name? A long time ago, when I belonged to Candice (before she became The Writer), she used to read a comic in one of her mother's magazines. The comic was about an elephant named Ellsworth. The elephant was a boy, but Candice didn't care. She liked the name and gave it to me, even though I'm a girl.

I'm named after a city, not a comic.

Well, Winchester, I can claim a city, too. Ellsworth, Maine, is a famous old city. 6456 people live there. It was settled in 1763 and incorporated in 1860.

You call that old? Winchester, Virginia, the place I'm named after, was settled in 1729 and founded in 1750. And 23,585 people live there.

I actually have two cities. There's also Ellsworth, Kansas, population 2965. It was founded in 1864.

Your cities are getting punier. Okay, top this: I'm also named after a cathedral in England. It was built in 1093. Hah! I win!

Do I hear the creak of the cat food cabinet opening? You'd better go or you might miss a treat.


z said...

Yes, Ellsworth is on the Smoky Hill River bank in Kansas. We argue some about the population as the official count that you mention also includes almost 900 inmates at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility. When the town was founded in 1867 soon there were also about the same number of inhabitants. Alas, numbers are down but we're hanging in there. Nice to know about the other Ellsworth.

z said...

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