Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ellsworth Goes to Fredericksburg, Part III

Next, The Writer and I went to the Fredericksburg Military Park, otherwise known as "the battlefield." This is one of four Civil War battlefields around Fredericksburg.

When the Chapman kids go back in time to Fredericksburg, that awful December battle in 1862 is over. The armies have been resting and planning. It is spring when they arrive and the North and the South are getting ready to fight again. That battle is the famous battle of Chancellorsville, although there was fierce fighting in Fredericksburg again, too.

In the picture I am sitting on part of a fence. During the Civil War days, you could see these fences all around farms. Now you see them mostly around battlefields. When The Writer was growing up, she lived on property that had been a Union camp during the war. Part of the property boundary was divided by one of these fences, dating back to the 1860s. Years ago, when The Writer and I would walk back to Willow Springs creek, part of Bull Run River, we would step over the fence because it had long since fallen down.

Behind me is a stone wall. During the 1862 battle of Fredericksburg, Confederates fired from behind that wall. The Writer, who is taking my picture, is standing in the Sunken Road, now a very famous old dirt road.

The 1862 battle of Fredericksburg has been called Confederate General Robert E. Lee's easiest victory. The Battle of Chancellorsville, the one the Chapman kids (and me!) are sent back to, was also a victory for Lee, but it was not easy and he paid a terrible price.

What was that?
I'm not going to tell you everything, Winchester. Read a history book once in a while! Last part of the trip to come...

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