Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ellsworth Goes to Fredericksburg, Part I

My paw gets tired so I'm going to write about my trip in four posts.

Yesterday The Writer and I took a little trip to Fredericksburg, "America's Most Historic City." It is, too. Colonial history mingles with Civil War history. We visited some of the places Mattie, Alex, Sophie, and I went to in Time Spies #5, Signals in the Sky. That book is set here during the Civil War. The Chapman kids are sent to Fredericksburg in 1863 to help reunit two brothers fighting on opposite sides of the war.

The kids go to James Monroe's law office. The fifth president once practiced law in Fredericksburg. He was friends with Thomas Jefferson, who also came here. Read the book to learn about the ghosts seen in front of the building! That's me on a bench in the little garden behind the law office.

You look ridiculous.

Winchester, you're just jealous because you had to stay home. More later....

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